The information superhighway promised to connect the world’s people. After thirty years we find governments, criminals, hacktivists, and amateurs using this man-made domain to attack other governments, defense contractors, commercial businesses, national infrastructures, and social media. Public and private organizations spend billions of dollars struggling to defend themselves. Yet attacks continue.

A lack of understanding of the complexities of cyberspace and the nature of the conflict has led to a field based on myth, metaphor and wishful thinking. National leaders, corporate board members and executives, information security professionals, and average citizens should be concerned about the threats we face in cyberspace.

“The Art of Cyberwar” describes the digital battlefield and the principles for conducting defensive and destructive operations. It provides the reader with insights into the complexities and principles for maneuvering in the digital domain. This easy-to-understand book establishes a dialog with the reader, laying out the complexities of cyberspace in a clear and understandable way. It then establishes the eight principles that make up the conflict in cyberspace.

“The Art of Cyberwar” is essential for anyone concerned about the threats in cyberspace and the Internet. I am proud to have teamed with my good friend and colleague Tom Sammel (US Marine Corps, Retired), on this book. Collectively we have more than forty years of experience leading kinetic and cyber operations.

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