Walking Wounded – Inside the U.S. CyberWar Machine


Forget everything you know about crime, war, and espionage in cyberspace. Walking Wounded takes the reader inside the secret history, technology, and strategies surrounding conflict in cyberspace. Walking Wounded recounts the Pentagon’s love affair with technologies, and how this reliance makes them vulnerable to hackers. It explains how foreign intelligence services, criminals, and amateur hackers have compromised sensitive systems for three decades, while our government hackers are running rampant through foreign information systems. And it explains how our national policies have made us all less secure. Walking Wounded gives the reader the tools to get beyond the hype, mythologies, and marketing to understand what President Obama called, “The most serious threat to our national security.” Walking Wounded explains in layman’s terms:

  • Why computers are vulnerable to hackers
  • Why the government can track the common person in cyberspace but not sophisticated adversaries
  • How our government hackers are wreaking havoc on our adversaries’ information systems
  • Why we haven’t seen a catastrophic attack against U.S. critical infrastructures
  • Why our government policies promote the Intelligence Community at the expense of our public and private security

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